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Welcome to the Fly Facility

Our Fly Facility is one of the largest in Europe, catering for 10 research groups, and consuming 1 million tubes and bottles, annually. 

The Fly Lab (115) has bench spaces for 24 people, which are shared in the course of a year by almost 100 people.

Within the Fly Lab we have four constant temperature (CT) rooms (18°C or 25°C and 70% RH) and a microinjection room. Each culture room has space for 15,000 stocks.

The media service (B2) produces an average of 20,000 tubes, bottles and agar plates weekly.

And of course the glassware washing service (B19) has to cope with the thousands of fly tubes and bottles that we use every day.

We also have a quarantine room located in the attic, as far from the Fly Lab as possible.  This is where new fly strains from other labs, or caught from the wild, are introduced into the Department, and observed in isolation until we are sure they are free of disease and parasites.

If you wish to use the Fly Facility please send an e-mail to  For further information on the use of the Fly Lab, please download these documents before your induction:

Risk Assessments and SOPs relevant to fly workers can be found on Camtools, or in the Safety folder on iMac in the Fly Lab. Please download and read whichever are appropriate for your work. If you are using techniques that are not covered by this list please write your own risk assessments.

Some fly stock collections held locally are listed on the Department file server at Documents/FlyLab/FlyStockLists. Please put your stock list here too

Fly-pushing and stock-keeping service

We are also offering a fly-pushing and stock-keeping service for Cambridge fly people. For stock-keeping all we ask from you is a stock list, in Excel or Filemaker ...and the flies, 2 tubes of each stock. Included in the monthly charge we will maintain the stock list, make the stocks constantly available to you, and send stocks to other labs as required. We can discuss individual needs for fly-pushing (stock construction, screening, etc). See price list HERE


Rates for the Embryo injection service, and for the Fly-pushing and stock-keeping service can be found HERE. Please contact for further information.

An information sheet on media costs for grant applications is also now available on Camtools, ie Raven-passworded.

Fly stocks available from the Fly Lab

Please click on this link - Excel file Updated October 2012

Embryo injection service

Please note, our embryo injection service will not be available in March and April 2014. We expect to resume service in May 2014.

Reference books available in the Fly Lab

  • Drosophila, A Laboratory Handbook. 2nd edition. Michael Ashburner, Kent Golic and Scott Hawley. CSHL Press, 2005
  • Drosophila Protocols. William Sullivan, Michael Ashburner and Scott Hawley. CSHL Press, 2000
  • Drosophila. A Practical Approach. 2nd edition. David Roberts. OUP, 1998
  • Imaginal Discs. The Genetic and Cellular Logic of Pattern Formation. Lewis I. Held. CUP, 2005
  • Won for all. How the Drosophila genome was sequenced. Michael Ashburner. CSHL Press, 2006

Reference books available from the Library Office

These books may be borrowed for short periods but must be signed for : please ask in Library

  • Drosophila: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology). Christian Dahmann.  Humana Press, 2008
  • Fly Pushing: The theory and practice of Drosophila genetics. 2nd edition. Ralph Greenspan. CSHL Press, 2004
  • Fly Pushing: The theory and practice of Drosophila genetics. 1st edition. Ralph Greenspan. CSHL Press, 1997
  • Drosophila. A guide to species identification and use. Therese Markow and Patrick O'Grady. Academic Press, 2006
  • The Drosophilidae (Diptera) of Fennoscandia and Denmark (Fauna Entomologica Scandinavica). Gerhard Bächli, Carlos R. Vilela, Stefan Andersson Escher and Anssi Saura. BRILL, 2004

Page updated 13 September 2013

Contact details

Fly Facility Manager :
Dr Simon Collier

Address :
Department of Genetics,
University of Cambridge, Downing Street,
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United Kingdom

Lab phone: +44 (0)1223 333982
Fax: +44 (0)1223 333992

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