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Welcome to the Fly Facility

Welcome to the Fly Facility

The Department of Genetics Fly Facility is one of the largest in Europe, and offers a range of services to Drosophila researchers both within and outside Cambridge.

Drosophila Microinjection Service

Our Drosophila microinjection service is available to fly researchers throughout the European Union. We can inject flies for P-element/piggyback transformation, phiC31-mediated transgenesis, CRISPR/TALEN genome engineering and other experiments. We can also provide screening and balancing services. Click here for our microinjection services and prices.

Fly-Pushing Service

Our fly-pushing services are primarily aimed at Cambridge fly researchers. We are happy to discuss the researcher's needs for fly-pushing (screening, stock construction, etc). Costs for fly-pushing services are arrived at by negotiation between the researcher and the Fly Facility. Please email, this address reaches Simon Collier (Fly Facility Manager) and Glynnis Johnson (Senior Research Technician).

Drosophila Stock-Keeping Service

Our Drosophila stock-keeping service is available to Cambridge fly researchers. We will maintain your Drosophila stock collection and will ship your stocks to any location worldwide. Click here for our stock-keeeping charges and for stock-keeping cost estimates for grant applications (Raven password required). If you are interested in using our Stock-Keeping service, please contact

Drosophila Media Service

The Fly Facility provides Cambridge fly groups with many kinds of fly media in a variety of containers (vials, bottles, plates etc.). Click here for information on fly media prices and how to register to use our media service (Raven password required). Click here to go to our fly media ordering page (Raven password required).

Working in the Fly Facility

The Fly Facility has a large Fly Lab with bench space for up to 24 fly workers. The Fly Lab has 4 large temperature/humidity controlled rooms that can hold up to 60,000 fly stocks. There is also a dedicated Cage Room for large population collections.

Drosophila researchers based in, or visiting, Cambridge are welcome to use the Fly Facility but must first have a Fly Facility Induction. Please contact (the Fly Facility manager) to request an induction


Other Fly Facility Resources:

Fly Facility Stock Collection

Please click here to download our Core Stock list (Excel file)

Fly Facility Drosophila Book Collection

Click here to see a list of Drosophila books available to borrow from the Fly Facility (Raven password required).

Contact details

Fly Facility Manager :
Dr Simon Collier

Address :
Department of Genetics,
University of Cambridge, Downing Street,
Cambridge CB2 3EH,
United Kingdom

Lab phone: +44 (0)1223 765124
Fax: +44 (0)1223 333992

Simon Collier :

General enquiries :

Fly stock requests :

Fly media enquiries :

Microinjection enquiries :

Fly media ordering [Raven password required]: