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Introduction to information for Department members only

This section of the website [beyond this page] contains information that is mainly of interest to Department members. Some of this can only be accessed via Raven log-in at the top right of the website.

Information will be added to this section as it is updated, replacing the Camtools site for Department members. If you find a blank page here, or the documentation you need is not listed, please refer to the Departmental Camtools site.

As of June 2014, most information still remains on Camtools

VERY IMPORTANT : Please note: Pages that are 'behind' the Raven interface cannot be seen in the navigation lists on the left-hand side of 'local' pages until AFTER you have logged-in at the top right of the website.


Access from here

Information about / lists of Department members

Information for groups of people

Computer & equipment information

Safety information

Large section - see separate page

Other Department resources

School of Biological Sciences shared resources


Human Resources related information

Personal development

Information currently on Camtools:

  • Lists of Department members [as well as on this website]
  • Committee information : members and remits [also listed on this website], meeting dates, minutes [only on Camtools]
  • Induction information for new staff
  • Safety information
  • Information for those involved with teaching Part II Genetics
  • Information for those involved with Postgraduate study
  • Department Newsletters

How to access the 'Dept of Genetics Internal Information' Camtools site

  • You will need a Raven password. If you do not have one, see
  • Go to and enter your Raven ID and password
  • This should take you to your start page, where you should see 'Dept of Genetics Internal Information' listed under 'My Courses and Projects'. It may be the only one listed
  • What if it isn't listed? All known Department members should have been given access to the relevant site, but if not please contact Christine Alexander
  • Clicking on the site name takes you to its home page. If it appears to be displaying only messages, click on the grey 'Resources' tab on the left-hand side of the page
  • You should now see a list of folders which will open up if you click on them