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Introduction to information for Department members only

This section of the website [beyond this page] contains information that is mainly of interest to Department members. Some of this can only be accessed via Raven log-in at the top right of the website.

Information will be added to this section as it is updated, replacing the Camtools site for Department members. If you find a blank page here, or the documentation you need is not listed, please refer to the Departmental Camtools site: a list of what remains on Camtools, and how to access the site, can be found below.

As of December 2014, some information still remains on Camtools, but this is being 'cleaned up', and safety information will be removed completely

VERY IMPORTANT : Please note: Pages that are 'behind' the Raven interface cannot be seen in the navigation lists on the left-hand side of 'local' pages until AFTER you have logged-in at the top right of the website.


Access from here

Information about / lists of Department members

Information for groups of people

Computer & equipment information

Safety information

Large section - see separate page

Other Department resources

School of Biological Sciences shared resources


Human Resources related information

Personal development

Information currently on Camtools:

  • Lists of Department members [as well as on this website]
  • Committee information : Minutes currently on Camtools, but some are being migrated to this site
  • Induction information for new staff
  • Information for those involved with teaching Part II Genetics
  • Information for those involved with Postgraduate study
  • Department Newsletters

How to access the 'Dept of Genetics Internal Information' Camtools site

  • You will need a Raven password. If you do not have one, see
  • Go to and enter your Raven ID and password
  • This should take you to your start page, where you should see 'Dept of Genetics Internal Information' listed under 'My Courses and Projects'. It may be the only one listed
  • What if it isn't listed? All known Department members should have been given access to the relevant site, but if not please contact Christine Alexander
  • Clicking on the site name takes you to its home page. If it appears to be displaying only messages, click on the grey 'Resources' tab on the left-hand side of the page
  • You should now see a list of folders which will open up if you click on them