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Mostly about Genetics email facilities

Hermes Webmail

The web interface to standard University email

Hermes Webmail - Read More…

Genetics Webmail

A web interface to Genetics email (Only some people get Genetics email accounts!)

Genetics Webmail - Read More…

Apple Setup

How to configure Apple to use the Genetics mail server

Apple Setup - Read More…

Email forgery

How spammers and virus writers try to trick people

Email forgery - Read More…

Roundcube: Shared Mailboxes

How to view shared mailboxes on the Genetics mail server with webmail

Roundcube: Shared Mailboxes - Read More…

Thunderbird: Setup

How to set Thunderbird up on the Genetics Mail Server

Thunderbird: Setup - Read More…

Thunderbird: Shared Mailboxes

How to view shared @gen mailboxes in Thunderbird

Thunderbird: Shared Mailboxes - Read More…