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Roundcube: Shared Mailboxes

How to view shared mailboxes on the Genetics mail server with webmail

Once you have logged in to using your departmental username & password, go to personal settings (top right corner)

Snipping showing Roundcube personal settings button.

Then navigate to the "Folders" panel

Snip of roundcube folders page

A list of available folders should become visible to the left hand side of the window. Find the "shared" > "reception" > "inbox" folder and tick the box next to it.

Snipping showing how to subscribe in Roundcube

You may also want to set up RoundCube so that mail appears to come from reception. To do this go to "Identities"

Snipping of Roundcube identities tab

Then add a new identity with the add button:

Roundcube Add button

And fill out the new identity. Don't forget to save it!

Roundcube Idenity for reception