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Projectors, speakers and video conferencing

Video Conferencing

There is an H.323 HD video conferencing system in the Bateson Room (R206)

To use it contact Ian, as you'll need some training. The address is

It's designed to talk to other hardware H.323 installations, but there is software available that can allow one to connect from a general purpose device. This is often not quite as easy to use, but a lot cheaper!

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  • iOS: Polycom RealPresence Mobile
    Probably the same as the android version
  • Presentation Equipment

    Part 2 Room - G6

    Fixed medium-resolution projector (1024x768) 3500 lumens 1000:1
    Stereo PA
    Painted projection screen

    Tea Room - G8

    Fixed medium-resolution projector (1024x768) 1000 lumens 170:1
    Roll-down projection screen

    Bateson Room - 206

    Twin fixed Widescreen LCD displays
    Stereo PA
    Interactive Whiteboard

    Portable Equipment to borrow

    1 basic portable projector. Contact Ian.

    Reception Screen

    The reception screen can be edited by the front office staff. It can display the following information:

    • Seminar series name
    • Seminar title
    • Presenter's name
    • Presenter's Institution or research group
    • A starting date & time
    • An ending date & time
    • A map to the room (one of: Bateson, Biffen, Bioinformatics, Library, Tea room or Part2 room)
    • A logo, which will be scaled to 450x390 pixels

    In the future I hope to add the ability to present 1920x1080 slides provided as JPG or PNG files.