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Library Photocopier

How to use the copier as a printer or scanner

Logging in to the photocopier

When you approach the copier and turn it on (with the grey zig-zag button) it should show the following prompt.
Copier Equitrac login
Click OK and enter your PIN (annoyingly it provides a full keyboard) Forgot your PIN?
Copier PIN entry
Click OK
Copier Equitrac Menu
The copier will then prompt you to find out what you'd like to to. If you are printing (further instructions below) click "Print&Go" to print out all your pending documents or "Print" to select from a list. To perform other functions click "Copier" which should show the following screen.
Copier Menu
Here you can choose to simply copy documents or to scan to email (see below.)


(work in progress)
When printing to the photocopier your prints won't actually get printed out until you log into the photocopier in person.


Connect to \\ and double click the Photocopier printer to connect.


Follow the Mac printing instructions and use these settings
Copier Mac Settings
The included "Generic" driver allows black & white printing. For colour install pxlmono, foomatic-rip and gplgs from OpenPrinting. Linked versions tested with 10.6-10.8. Installation is beyond the scope of this document. Use the Sharp MX-4501 driver.

Selecting specific documents

Copier Equitrac Print
If you choose the "Print" option after logging in and you have any pending jobs you can select and print them here. To delete a document you can click "More"
Copier Equitrac Selected/delete
Then select the job and click "Delete." Unprinted jobs will disappear automatically after an hour or so.


Copier email main
There are a number of options here (If the right hand menu doesn't show click the little <| icon.):
  1. If you are mailing yourself you can just click "Send e-mail to oneself."
  2. If you have saved any entries in your address book you can click the magnifying glass to select from there.
  3. If you are mailing someone else in the University choose "Global Address Search" to search for email addresses.
Copier email lookup
Choose DEPT to search the departmental directory by first name, or Lookup to search the entire University mail directory by user id. In this example I will be searching for myself from the departmental directory.
Copier email lookup typing
Enter a first name and click "Search". A list of matching people and their email addresses should appear.
Copier email lookup search

Click start to scan!


No documents yet. Are they even needed?