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Mac printing

Printing from Mac OS 10.6+


This should work from any Mac (laptop or desktop) connected to the Cambridge University Data Network. This includes eduroam and UniOfCam wireless. You will need a Genetics DEPT account and you must have changed your password at least once (DEPT accounts don't work fully until you've changed them from the initial letter.)


(Screenshots from 10.6, tested up to 10.10)

Open System Preferences. Select the "Print & Fax" option from the second row

Mac printing: system preferences

Optional, but Recommended: Reset the printing system by right-clicking the printer list. This will remove any existing printers.

Mac printing: reset

Press the + button in order to get the "Add Printer" dialogue, then customise the toolbar. If you already have the "Advanced" gear icon click it and skip editing the menu bar.

Mac printing: customising toolbar

Add the "Advanced" gear button to the toolbar by dragging it from the palette onto the toolbar.

Mac printing: add advanced button

Click "Done" then click the advanced button and fill out:

Mac printing: advanced

Replace the printer name and use a different driver as appropriate. An incomplete list of addresses and drivers names follows (Updated 2015-10-13.)
Library Colour smb:// Samsung CLP-770 Series
Library Black & White smb:// Samsung ML-4550 Series
2nd Floor Computer Room smb:// Samsung ML-4550 Series
Library Photocopier smb://

Sharp MX-4112N.
No official drivers, but generic PCL works in Black & White single sided. Colour etc needs more software.

AFS Lab smb://

Generic PCL

AMA Colour smb://

Kyocera FS-C5100DN

Brewers (Segal) smb://

Kyocera FS-C5100DN

Apple's Samsung driver pack
Detailed info on Library Photocopier

The first time you print a document it will probably be put on hold. Open the print queue (there should be a bouncing icon on your dock)
Mac printing: on hold
Select the item that's being held and click the "Resume" button on the toolbar. You should be prompted for a password. You can opt to store the password if you like. Make sure to prefix your username with "DEPT\"

Mac printing: authenticate