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Adryan Group

Computational and Genomics Approaches to Drosophila Transcriptional Regulation


Drosophila, transcription factors, cis-regulatory modules, gene regulation, genomics, computational biology

Research interests

I have an interest in site-specific transcription factors (TFs) and their role in combinatorial gene regulation, particularly in Drosophila development. Gene activity is precisely regulated by TFs, which bind to regulatory bits of DNA forming so-called cis-regulatory modules (CRMs). These CRMs comprise defined combinations of binding sites for activating and repressing TFs. Although still enigmatic and challenging to access experimentally, I am interested in the characteristics of CRMs involved in metazoan development on the systems level.

For more information see my group pages.

Key publications

Please see information about my publications on the group website.

Contact details

Group leader : Dr Boris Adryan

Cambridge Systems Biology Centre,
University of Cambridge,
Tennis Court Road,
Cambridge CB2 1QR,
United Kingdom


Tel.: +44 (0)1223 760209

Group members