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Genetics Library - For other libraries

Stock representation on the online catalogue

Books added to stock since the mid-1990s are represented in the University Library online catalogue: Use iDiscover to search. The results can be filtered for books held in Genetics. Some older low-use items have not been added to Newton, so you should contact us by e-mail if you are looking for a hard-to-find older book. We are not very likely to have recent books, as books are rarely used for teaching in Genetics. Even if an item is located in this Library on Newton, it will not be possible to tell if it is on loan, so it is still best to contact us. E-mail :
Serials records on Newton can be hard to interpret, and may not indicate gaps in runs, so again it is best to contact us regarding exact holdings.

Obtaining photocopies or scans

We can supply either. To save delays and prevent complications, it is best to contact us direct, rather than through the British Library or through Cambridge University Library. Scans are generally done on a photocopier, ergo not especially good.

Loan of books to other libraries

It is generally possible for other libraries to borrow books from us on behalf of their readers. Again, to prevent complications, it is best to contact us direct, rather than through the British Library or through the University Library.

Other items held

  • PhD dissertations by members of the Department - We keep copies of most dissertations dated up to 2013, but we do not lend them or provide copies of them. The University Library should hold copies of all PhD dissertations produced within the University. They will not lend, but they have a reprographics service if copies are required.
  • Reprints - We have an extensive collection of reprints of papers by eminent geneticists, which occasionally turn out to have important annotations. They are recorded in a card catalogue only, so please contact us about consulting the collection.
  • Drosophila Reprints - The comprehensive collection of Drosophila reprints maintained by FlyBase has once again been relocated to the Library. FlyBase still holds the catalogue, so please contact us about consulting the collection.

Archival material related to the study of Genetics at Cambridge, and the building

The Department has retained almost nothing related directly to the early days of research and studying Genetics at Cambridge, so information has to be gleaned from less direct sources, such as reprints.
The material held in the University Library regarding this Department almost certainly represents everything still in existence. As there is no requirement to keep and deposit department archives, coverage is patchy. Some items may be represented on Janus, the UL Archive online catalogue, and NOT yet searchable via iDiscover. Please contact the University Archives regarding scope of, and access to, items located there.


Visitors are welcome in the Genetics Library, even if not members of the University of Cambridge. However, anyone who is not a member of the University must fill out an application form, which needs to be approved by the Academic Librarian before a reader may use the Library. Advise your reader to check we have the resources they need first, and see our visitors page. The application form is available HERE

Contact information

Postal address: Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3EA
E-mail :          Phone : 01223 333973 [But as Library is not always staffed, e-mail is preferable]
Librarian: Christine Alexander           Academic Librarian : Dr John Welch

Contact the Genetics Library

Please note the Genetics Library is CLOSED from April - October 2018

But you should still contact us by e-mail if you have a question or had planned a visit:

Phone: 01223 333973

Postal address:

Genetics Library
Department of Genetics
University of Cambridge
Downing Street
Cambridge CB2 3EH
United Kingdom

Librarian: Christine Alexander
Academic Librarian: Dr Cahir O'Kane


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E-journals listing

The A-Z e-journals listing in the E-resources LibGuide will explain exactly what we have access to