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Department of Genetics


Upgrading from OpenDirectory to ActiveDirectory in 2010

Project Overview

The GEN password system is running on an eight year old Mac sitting in my office. It doesn't work properly with modern versions of windows or even modern Macs!

I have acquired replacement hardware and software and I'm in the process of configuring everything.

If you've been issued a new DEPT username & password you can change your password and then use the services provided by this new server, Bramley.

Quirks & Work-arounds

  • When using a non-DEPT computer (i.e. your personal laptop, a lab PC etc) to connect to a file server you have to prefix your account with dept\ in order to get logged in.
    i.e.: dept\icc20
  • Thunderbird & Firefox profiles are not migrated.
    To migrate them, first quit all programs. Then, go to "my computer" then "Z:" then "Library" then "Win".

    Rename "AppData" to ""
    Rename "Application Data" to "AppData"

    Log out. Log in.

  • Internet Explorer favourites are not migrated automatically.
    They can be found in Z:\Library\Win\Favorites

Project Status

My completed tasks:

  1. Two mirrored LDAP/Kerberos servers fully configured. (29-Jun)
  2. New Mac server connected to system. Provides Wiki, Blogs, Calendaring and Mac specific services. (5-Jul)
  3. A few testing accounts issued. (13-Jul)
  4. Password change webpage working. (13-Jul)
  5. User creation scripts written. (13-Jul)
  6. Test linking a clone of Larch to the system. (19-Jul)
  7. Fully test user creation scripts. (20-Jul)
  8. Test linking a PC to the system. (21-Jul)
  9. Test linking a clone of Mail to the system. (21-Jul)
  10. Test linking a clone of Admin-Linux1 to the system. (21-Jul)
  11. Home directory creation script (for new users) (26-Jul)
  12. Create accounts for all staff. (27-Jul)
  13. Unlink Mail and Admin-linux1 from old system: mail & old calendar system will be interrupted. Expected duration 1 day. (8-Aug)
  14. Relink Mail and Admin-linux1 to new system: mail & old calendar system have resumed operation. (8-Aug)
  15. Link DMG/DEPT domains with inter-domain trust, see also (8-Aug)
  16. Test linking a normal Mac to the system. (23-Aug)
  17. Unlink Larch from old system: Home directories and Group directories will become unavailable, computers linked to the old GEN system may stop working properly. (28/29-Aug)
  18. Relink Larch to new system: Home directories and Group directories will become available to DEPT system accounts/computers. (28/29-Aug)
  19. Unlink and relink all remaining PCs from old GEN system to new DEPT system. (28/29-Aug) Approx order:
    1. Zeiss-meta (226)
    2. R114 microscopes (114)
    3. Office PCs (Accts, Secretary, Receptionist) (G16)
    4. Floor Mgr PCs (Maz,Duncan,Sara) (B17,102,234)
    5. Okane PCs (Martin, Sara I) (228, 223)
    6. Draviam PCs (113)
    7. Jiggins PCs (G3)
    8. Crowther PCs (B11,B16)
    9. Other PCs (B10,106,108)
  20. Unlink Print from old system. Printing will be unavailable (1-Sep)
  21. Relink Print to new system and reconfigure (1-Sep)
  22. Transfer remaining Macs to new system (1-Sep)
  23. Install Library PCs (13-Sep? supply problems)