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Information for Department members

The information included in these pages is intended for members of the Department.  Raven access is required.


Click on the headers below to access more detailed menus and links

If the information you need does not seem to fall into any of the categories below, try the Search box at top right - it's reasonably efficient!


Information about Department members

Lists of people - Contacts for reporting problems, Pdf of Dept members phone nos and CRS-IDs

Events -  Department newsletters, etc

Departmental information and policy

Policy specific to the Department of Genetics, Committee Minutes, forms to download, etc

Information for groups of people

eg New Dept members, Postdocs, women in science

Information for Graduate students and Part IIs is available on their dedicated Moodle sites

Information on working conditions

eg Leave policy, balancing work & family, personal development

Safety pages

Comprehensive Departmental safety information, including safety handbook

Computing and IT information

Help with IT problems, how-tos, etc

Departmental, School of Biological Sciences, and University of Cambridge resources

Internal requisitions for purchasing, room booking, media services, data storage, poster printing etc