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Meeting rooms available in the Department

Members of the Department can book meeting rooms online with their Raven ID and password. Rooms can be reserved up to 10 weeks in advance for meetings up to 4 hours long.

The booking pages begin at

Rooms available for booking are:

  • 206 = Bateson Room, second floor

Capacity : 20 people
Facilities : Projector (HDMI/VGA,) Screen (HDMI/VGA,) Speakers, 2 whiteboards

  • 207 = Small Meeting Room, next to Bateson Room

Capacity : 8 people
Facilities : Screen (HDMI/VGA,) PC, Webcam, Speakers, no whiteboard

  • G01 = Ashburner Room [Small meeting room opposite Reception]

Capacity : 8 people
Facilities : Screen (HDMI/VGA,) PC, Webcam, Speakers, Small whiteboard

  • 102A = First floor meeting room, in Ferguson-Smith Lab

NB Now available as a formal meeting room, except between 12:00 - 14:00 when access to the kitchen facilities is permitted
Capacity : 12 people
Facilities : Screen (HDMI/VGA,) Speakers, Whiteboard, Kitchen

  • G06 = Part II Room

Capacity : 40 people
Facilities : Projector (HDMI/VGA,) Speakers, Whiteboard, Blackboard

  • G08 = Tea Room

Capacity : unknownFacilities : Projector (VGA,) Whiteboard, Kitchen

Information updated 22 Nov 2018