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Resource and room booking in the Department

Members of the Department can book meeting rooms online with their Raven ID and password. Rooms can be reserved up to 10 weeks in advance for meetings up to 4 hours long.

The booking pages begin at

Rooms available for booking are:

  • G01 = small meeting room opposite Reception [capacity 8 people] [facilities : screen, PC]
  • G06 = Part II Room [capacity 40 people] [facilities : screen ; projector]
  • G08 = tea room [capacity 40 people] [facilities : screen, projector]
  • 102A = medium meeting room, first floor [capacity 12 people] [facilities : screen, speakers]
  • 206 = Bateson Room [capacity 20 people] [facilities: screens, projector]

You can also edit and cancel your bookings. Should you need rooms for longer times, or wish to book further in advance, or experience problems with booking please contact reception staff who can bypass the limits. The system administrators are ?Nicola and ?Caroline.  is also the site where you can book microscopes. Please see Ian Clark's information on imaging at: