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You will need a Raven password is required to access some information [Log-in box top right] Pages 'behind' the Raven interface cannot be seen in the navigation lists on the left-hand side of 'local' pages until AFTER you have logged-in at the top right of the website, but links will still apear in menus in the main block.

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For new members of the Department

Induction information, services provided by the University, etc

Postdoc pages

Pages curated by the Postdoc Committee containing information of particular interest to Postdocs

Women in science

Information on local initiatives and meetings, funding opportunities, etc, specifically aimed at women

Postgraduate study

Postgraduates in the Department now have their own Moodle site - go to

Part II Genetics

Information for current Part IIs is available on the Part II Genetics Moodle site - go to

Page updated 19 Jan 2017