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Helpful links for new Dept members

This section of the website will provide links to useful information for people new to Cambridge as well as the Department. You will also find a lot of helpful information in the documentation you are given when beginning work here.

As this is intended to be an information resource, please if the information you need is not here.

General welcome information from the University

Services provided by the University

Your induction - The University

Your induction - The Department of Genetics

Useful information about this Department

  • Key personnel - with phone numbers
  • Who to contact if there's a problem [related to equipment buildings... or humans!]
  • Know the name, but not the face? Photos of staff and graduate students are displayed on the wall outside the door to Reception. They are arranged alphabetically, but by floor. People who work in buildings other than the main Department are shown in a single separate sequence.
  • Computer and network information - how to connect your laptop to the network, get a password, where you can print etc
  • Talks and events listings - a good way to meet Department members and/or find out what they do!
  • Useful links for PostDocs on our website - includes links for obtaining health care, on transportation, funding, etc - Helpful for non-Postdocs also!

 Page updated 3 May 2017