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Linux Printing

Setting up departmental printers on Ubuntu 14.04

This documentation is out of date. Please see here.

Note @ 3/3/17: SMB printing might not work. Perhaps try the https links on the Mac page.

Find the printers utility

Finding the print utility in Ubuntu 14.04

The printer utility

The print utility in Ubuntu 14.04

Click "Add". The following dialog should appear

Adding a windows printer in Ubuntu 14.04

Enter the address in the format smb:// (examples, full list of printers on the server) and click forward.

Selecting a print driver in Ubuntu 14.04

Select a manufacturer. Again, the list of printers should give you an idea. Click forward

Selecting a print driver in Ubuntu 14.04

Choose a model and a driver for that model. Click forward.

Describing a printer in Ubuntu 14.04

Choose a clear name for the printer so your computer can tell you which one you're using. You should be given the option to print a test page. This is a good idea. You may be asked to authenticate, if so skip to the authentication bit below.

If you aren't asked to authenticate, check the print queue by right clicking  the printer in the utility and choosing "View Print Queue"

Viewing print queue in Ubuntu 14.04

The queue should look something like this. Note that the status is "Held for ..." the ... is "authentication". Authenticate the job by right-clicking it and choosing authenticate.

Authenticating a print job in Ubuntu 14.04

Authentication bit. Enter your departmental username & password in the format shown. It usually makes sense to store the password.

Authentication Ubuntu 14.04