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Mac printing

Printing from Mac OS 10.7+

This documentation is out of date. Please see here.


This should work from any Mac (laptop or desktop) connected to the Cambridge University Data Network. This includes eduroam and UniOfCam wireless. You will need a Genetics DEPT account and you must have changed your password at least once (DEPT accounts don't work fully until you've changed them from the initial letter.)


The instructions in this video should work on relatively modern Macs, although only tested on Mac OS 10.7,10.10 and 10.12 so far.

Samsung X4300 Series Colour Copiers

Both copiers appear as one on the network. Items remain in the queue until you put your PIN in (although they're automatically binned after two hours.) We don't have card readers, and it's for a much older version, but this video should give you an idea.

To help save money by printing in black and white there's a second queue which converts print jobs to grayscale.


Mac Driver


Print Browser Name Address for "advanced" setup Location Mode


Library Colour


Temporarily G5 Colour


Library Monochrome


Temporarily G5 Monochrome


Samsung SLM4020dn


Mac Driver


Print Browser Name Address for "advanced" setup Location
B12 smb:// Basement - B12
LibLaserBW smb:// Library
R222BW smb:// Lab 217
Mezzanine smb:// Mezzanine (east end)

Further notes

The first time you print a document it will probably be put on hold. Open the print queue (there should be a bouncing icon on your dock)
Mac printing: on hold
Select the item that's being held and click the "Resume" button on the toolbar. You should be prompted for a password. You can opt to store the password if you like. Make sure to prefix your username with "DEPT\"

Mac printing: authenticate