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Reception Photocopier [draft]

Printing Secure Documents

  1. Press "user box" button
  2. Press "system"
  3. Press "secure document user box"

Connecting from a PC

From the start menu, paste "\\" (omitting quotes) into the search box. Your PC should try to connect to the print server, and it may ask for your DEPT login details. If it does, the username format is "DEPT\user123" again omitting quotes. You should see the list of printers you're permitted to use.

What the list of printers might look like

If you double-click "RecPhotocopier" the system should download and install the driver.

Installing a printer

Once this is complete, the print queue should be shown. You can also load the print queue by going to "Devices and Printers" in the start menu, right clicking the appropriate printer and choosing "see what's printing."

print queue

The reception copier requires secure print to be configured. To do this, choose "printing preferences" from the "printer" menu. The first time you do this the following "user settings" window should appear.

Reception Copier Printing Prefs first view

You can choose any id and password you want, within the limits shown. This id and password will be used to "lock" print jobs you send to the copier. After you click "OK" the next screen will show.

Reception photocopier printing preferences subsequent view

This screen will also show if you load "printing preferences" in the future. If you need to change your secure print details you must click on the "Basic" tab which should look like this.

Reception print preferences basic tab

Clicking "User Settings..." will open the dialog where you can set your id and password for the copier again. Once you are done be sure to click "OK" so that any change you have made are saved.