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Site Licensed

Software for which the University has a licence

Anti Virus

Special Genetics version of Anti-Virus installer for PC [Cam only] (Please let know if this link is broken.) For Macs I prefer Sophos which has a free version for personal use. See also: McAfee Anti-Virus Software on the official UIS site.

Microsoft Cloud Software

Access to Office 365 for staff and students under Univeristy Information Services (UIS) contract.

Unfortunately not everyone is eligable, depending on their employment contract or studentship.

You can check if the UIS think you are eligable by going to your page on lookup and clicking "Groups." If it shows  "Combined staff for the Microsoft Enrolment for Education Solutions" or "Students for the Microsoft Enrolment for Education Solutions" you're in the right group. If not, there are two possible reasons:

  1. If you have ever worked for a site supported by the Clinical School Computing Service (e.g. Zoology or the Sainsbury Lab) you may be covered under their contract. To use the University licence you have to ask the CSCS helpdesk ( to transfer you to the UIS.
  2. UIS think that your funding or contract is not with the University but directly with the funding agency. This is an HR issue.