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Data storage systems in Genetics



The server "Larch" has 100TB of storage arranged so that it can survive the simultaneous failure of 2-7 of its 32 disks. Data in personal folders (including your "Documents" & "Desktop" for PCs accessed with the DEPT password) and main sections of group folders (named after the group leader) are backed up off-site by default.


To access it from a PC from anywhere on the University network, hold down the "Windows" key and press "R" then paste in the following address:

From a Mac anywhere on the University network, go to "Finder", hold down the "Cmd ⌘" key with the "K" key then paste in the following address:
The SFTP address is:
Unless you're using SFTP, when asked for your username & password remember to prefix your username with DEPT\

Your personal folder will appear as "homes" and the group folders are generally named after the PI.

Most SFTP clients will show your personal folder by default, you can find group folders in /group.

Allocated Space (Quota)

Individuals are typically allocated 10GB of space for their personal folders and Department based research groups get 4TB of space. This base provision is not charged for at present.

Quota for departmental group folders can be extended and non-departmental folders can be created for a time-based charge.

  1. Money paid in (in kind or as a transfer to the IT hardware account) is converted to TB-year credits at the current rate (£30 without backup, £50 with)
  2. TB-year cost may be adjusted when new hardware is acquired. Existing credits will not be retrospectively adjusted.
  3. As long as there are hardware resources, quota can be raised at any time, but only lowered quarterly.
  4. Every quarter the TB credits will be spent based on the quota at the time. Contacts will be notified of their current balance and quota can be lowered within 5 working days of this notification.
  5. When credits have all been spent the storage will become read-only for 1 quarter then will be archived onto tape.
  6. Technical support for non-Genetics groups can be charged at the same consultancy rates as UIS charge.

Group Servers


From a PC:
From a Mac:

This uses your DEPT account.