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Disk storage on departmental fileserver "Larch"

Beyond a basic provision of 4 terabytes, an extension to this allocation and will cost £38 per terabyte per year (£9.5/TB/quarter, £3.16/TB/month). Bills will be issued each quarter (November-January, Feb-April, May-July and August-October) based on the highest permitted allocation during the preceding quarter.

This price does not include any off-site backup.

Space on larch can be used for general file storage, Windows 10 "File History" backup or macOS "Time Machine" backup.

Off-site tape backup

Beyond a basic provision of 4 terabytes per quarter, any extra data backed up above this basic provision will incur a charge of £12 per whole terabyte, billed quarterly as above.

Note that the backup system records all changes in an additive manner, so that if you have three 1TB files but then change one of them 4TB will be used and previous versions remain available for a year.

By default Larch is backed up using this system, but folders can be excluded from backup by creating a file called ".nobackup" in a folder and the backup software will ignore all the folder contents.

This system is only capable of backing up computers that are on continuously with a fixed network address, this means it is best suited to servers.

Further details.