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Departmental Committee members

There are various committees in the Department, which have specific responsibilities:

Staff Committee

This consists of all the Department's UTOs (University Teaching Officers), Senior Research Fellows, the Departmental Administrator, Senior Technical Officer, a Post Doc representative, a Graduate Student representative, and the Principal Assistant (representing the Assistant Staff).

The Head of Department is Chair of the Committee, and the Assistant to the Head of Department is the Secretary.

The role of this Committee is to discuss strategy and policies in the Department, in the areas of research, teaching and administration. 

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Strategy Committee

Meets once per month

Chair - Head of Department - Anne Ferguson-Smith
Secretary - Deborah Parr

Committee –
Erik Miska
David Summers
Alfonso Martinez Arias
John Welch
Cahir O'Kane
[Meg Staff]

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Safety Committee

Responsible for all safety practices within the Department.

Chair - Head of Department - Anne Ferguson-Smith
Deputy Chair - Frank Jiggins
Secretary - Nicola Burgess / Caroline Newnham

Committee -
Departmental Administrator - Meg Staff
Department Safety Officer (DSO) - Anne Ferguson-Smith [Default role]
Fire Officer (FO) - Sara Singlehurst
Disability Officer – [none]
School Safety Officer - Mark Elsdon
Safety Office Representative - Linda Hinton-Mead
Radiation Protection Officers (RPO) - Christine Farr, Andy Jessop
Biological Safety Officer (BSO) – Simon Collier
Deputy Safety Officer / Laser Safety Officer / First Aid - Andy Jessop
Computing Officer - Ian Clark
Post Doc representative - Paula Almeida Coelho
Basement & Ground Floor Lab Manager / Teaching Support & Media Technician - Marion Martin
First Floor Lab Manager / Safety Technician - Andy Jessop
Graduate Student representative – Helena Perez Valle
PtII Student representative - [to be advised]

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Minutes of the Safety Committee are available on this website for the current academic session, plus the three previous sessions

Graduate Education Committee

Chair - Alfonso Martinez Arias
Secretary - Caroline Newnham / Nicola Burgess

Committee  -
Head of Department - Anne Ferguson-Smith
Julie Ahringer
David Glover
David Summers
Marisa Segal [Sabbatical]
Chris Illingworth
Aylwyn Scally
Graduate Student reps - Anood Sohail, Joseph Gardner

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Minutes of the Graduate Education Committee are available on the Graduate Moodle site

Teaching Committee

Chair – David Summers
Secretary - Roz McKenzie

Committee –
Head of Department - Anne Ferguson-Smith
Part II Co-ordinator - Christine Farr
Module 1 Organiser - Christine Farr
Module 2 Organiser - Ian Furner
Module 3 Organiser - Julie Ahringer
Module 4 Organiser - Christine Farr
Module 5 Organiser - Frank Jiggins
Part II Examiners - Christine Farr & Julie Ahringer
Marco Geymonat
Aylwyn Scally
John Welch
Assistant to Head of Department - Deborah Parr
Part II Student reps - Lara Busby and Freya Smith

Course representation:
IA Biology of Cells: David Summers
IA Evolution and Behaviour: John Welch
IA Mathematical Biology: Aylwyn Scally
IA MVST: Anne Ferguson-Smith
IB CDB: David Summers
IB Ecology: John Welch
Part II Genetics/BBS: Christine Farr
Part III Systems Biology: Steve Russell [sabbatical]

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Open Minutes of the Teaching Committee are available on this website from March 2013. Part IIs can access the minutes via their Moodle site

Infrastructure Committee

Meets once per term

Chair - Head of Department - Anne Ferguson-Smith
Secretary – Deborah Parr

Tina Balayo
Ian Clark
Cahir O'Kane
Sara Singlehurst
Fran Dearden
John Welch
[Meg Staff]

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Minutes of the Infrastructure Committee - not currently available

IT Steering Group

Meets once per term. Reports to Infrastructure Committee

Chair - Michaela Frye

Committee -
Ian Clark
Aylwyn Scally
Gos Micklem
Sudhakaran Prabakaran
Jennifer Westoby (Graduate rep)
tba (PostDoc rep)
Secretary - Christine Alexander

Microscopy Steering Group

Meets once per term. Reports to Infrastructure Committee

Chair - Cahir O'Kane
Secretary - Roz McKenzie

Committee -
Roberto Bandiera
Paula Coelho
Ben Shaw
Ian Clark
[Sara Singlehurst?]
David Turner
Marco Geymonat

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Genetics Seminar Series Committee

Organises upcoming seminars

Chair - Chris Illingworth

Secretary - Caroline Newnham

Christine Farr
Michaela Frye
Marco Geymonat
Ben Steventon
Alexis Braun (Postdoc Representative)
Peter Baillie-Johnson (Graduate Student Representative)

Equality and Wellbeing Committee [ex: AthenaSWAN Panel]

This group discusses general inclusivity and improving the work/study experience for all

Anne Ferguson Smith, Roz McKenzie [Chair], John Welch, Michaela Frye, Caroline Newnham, Joel Alves, Megan Oliva, Alexis Braun,  Kadri Oras, Helen Leggett, Sam Lewis, Miriam Lynn,  Anood Sohail.

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Postdoc Committee

Sam Lewis [Chair]
Lisa Hulsmann [Co-Chair]
Jane Charlesworth
Penny Hayward
Joel Alves
Helen Leggett
Sylvain Delaunay
Megan Oliva
Meritxell Vinyoles Verges
Naomi Moris

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[Assistant Staff Consultative Committee]

[This has been superceded by the Assistant Staff Forum, involving all asst staff]

Minutes of the ASCC are available on this website for the current academic session, plus the three previous sessions. Miinutes of the Assistant Staff Forum will presumably be available somewhere [to be determined]

Library Committee

Meets when the need arises

Chair / Academic Librarian - John Welch
Secretary - Christine Alexander
Committee -
[Meg Staff]
Ian Clark
Graduate Student representative - [none]
Part II Representative - Xuequi Qin


 Updated 28 June 2017