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Genetics Media Service

The Genetics Media Service provides a wide range of media for research groups in the Department of Genetics. We have a set range of stocked media available in the media store room in the basement. We also have an ordering system for larger quantities of media found in the store room or special request media items that are not in store. Also if we don’t have the recipe you can send us a recipe and we will make it for you.

To order items there is an order book in the media room B17 or by email. We try to get orders done within 2 working days of placing your order or by the request date if you put one.

We are also in the process of putting up an online ordering system like the one in use in the fly facility to make media ordering easier for you and the media service. Once the media ordering system is up you will be able to access it though this page.

The cost of media will be allocated to your group quarterly.

We also provide Autoclaving for Items in room B4, tips/media/bottles etc, and all autoclaved items after autoclaving are placed on the labelled shelves for you to collect. If you do use this service make sure you put your name/group and room number on the items, also make sure all media is labelled what it is.

(Liquid media that needs autoclaving must be in the autoclave room before 12pm so it can be autoclaved that day, as unsterilised liquid media cannot be left over night)

Media Service Contact: