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Safety information index

Safety information

This section of the website contains links to Departmental, University and Government information. Please check the links below and inform Sara Singlehurst if you cannot find the information you need.

IMPORTANT : Some information is accessible with a Raven password only : This means that these sections are not visible in the left-hand menus until your password has been accepted. Please use the main menus in the central section of the web pages to check exactly what is available.

All safety documentation which used to be available on Camtools has now been removed.

Departmental safety information - the handbook

  • Department of Genetics Safety Handbook - Full version as a Word document [January 2016 version, with updates for July and September 2016] - You will need to enter your Raven password to access this. Please note that the paper/pdf copy of the handbook has not been updated at all since April 2017
  • Department of Genetics Safety information as paper copies : Each Lab or office area has a purple box file containing safety documentation relevant to that area. Please ask the Lab Technician or Floor Manager if you do not know where it is kept

Departmental safety induction

Departmental safety information - who does what

Departmental safety information - procedures

You will need a Raven password to access these documents

Departmental safety information - facilities

University of Cambridge safety information - general

University of Cambridge safety information - useful documents

The University Safety Office provides a very comprehensive list of guides on various aspects of Health and Safety - see the list here [Raven protected]

Some specifically recommended items are:

Health and Safety Executive and other external advice