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Department of Genetics


General water supplies

  • All laboratories have hot and cold water supplies to lab sinks and hand-wash basins. These supplies are from tanked water and are not purified or softened.
  • Some laboratory hot water is provided by point-of-use water heaters located in the cupboard below the sinks. These supplies are suitable for washing and rinsing glass/plastic ware, but are generally not suitable for making solutions and buffers.
  • The cold water supply to lab sinks and hand-wash basin is NOT drinking water.

Drinking water (mains cold water)

  • Drinking water is available from the tea-room kitchen and kitchenette area on the 2nd floor mezzanine corridor. The water cooler there provides filtered water that is either cooled, or un-cooled.
  • NB: the supplies to hand-wash basins in toilet areas are not deemed suitable as drinking water.

Lab water / Reverse osmosis water

  • Many labs have a reverse osmosis (RO) lab water supply for making general lab solutions etc. This water is piped from the department’s reverse osmosis facility in the west attic.
  • Water quality is ~20µS, or 0.05M Ω and 8mg/l TDS (total dissolved solids).
  • RO water is available in the following labs:
  • Basement: B03, B05, B07, B08, B12, B15, B16, B17
  • Ground floor: G03, G04, G14
  • First floor: F03, F03C, F04, F05, 115
  • Second floor: 204, 217, 223, 228

Ultra-pure water

  • Ultra-pure water is available from the Elga water purifiers. There is one Elga unit on each floor. These water purifiers take in RO water and pass it through an ultra-filter, UV light and ion exchange cartridges to give high quality water. Ultra-pure water is available from rooms B17, G04, F05 and 217.
  • Water quality is 0.055 µS, or >18.2MΩ and 0.0275mg/l TDS
  • NB: Due to air being soluble in ultra-pure water the water quality will decrease in an open container.

 Page created 7 Feb 2017