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IB Ecology : Genetics teaching components

Teaching contributed by the Department of Genetics :

Professor Frank Jiggins [2017/8] Dr John Welch [2018/9] : Ecological Genetics [6 lectures]

Lecture 1 - Using DNA sequences to study single populations
Making inferences from a sample of DNA sequences; The coalescent, population size, and genetic variation; Natural selection; Inferring changes in Ne over time
Lecture 2 - Populations in space
Population structure and neutral genetic variation; Changes in population structure over time ; Ancestral state reconstruction;  Polar bears and Ireland
Lecture 3 - Selection and space
Adapting to heterogeneous environments; Migration, selection and local adaptation; Geographical parthenogenesis
Lecture 4 - The coevolution of hosts and parasites
Coevolution; The dynamics of coevolution; The genetics of coevolution; Parasites and sex
Lecture 5 - Immunity and virulence
Acquired immunity; The evolution of virulence
Lecture 6 - Host switching
Cospeciation and host switching; Predicting host switch success; The timescale of viral evolution; Parasite communities<

Dr Aylwyn Scally : Ecology and Evolution Field Course

With additional contributions from Dr Frank Jiggins and Dr John Welch.

This is hosted at the University Field Station at Madingley, and takes place just before the beginning of Michaelmas Term. It introduces practical techniques in molecular ecology and evolution, which include laboratory and computational analyses in genetics and genomics, as well as field work. Students then select and plan their projects, and present and discuss these plans. The composition of field, lab and computational work varies between projects.  Results and analyses. are presented on the final day. In addition, there are guest talks on topics of interest.

Further information about the Course

Website :

Programme specification/Aims & outcomes : [To be determined]

Course organiser: Professor Bill Sutherland, Dept of Zoology

Course contact : [Not notified]

Contributing Depts : Zoology, Genetics, Plant Sciences