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Examples of recent BBS Dissertation titles for Genetics 'Majors'

Examples of BBS dissertation titles 2018/19

  • How important was the functional impact of archaic admixture on the human genome?
  • The genetic basis of repeated rapid adaptation to fresh water environments in three-spined sticklebacks
  • Discuss the experimental evidence for and against the "Activation-Transformation" model of anterior-posterior patterning of the vertebrate nervous system"
  • Trace the economic and biological causes of the current antibiotic resistance crisis. Is there a solution and, if so, does it lie in the hands of patients, clinicians, regulators or researchers?
  • Aneuploidy in cancer: lessons so far.
  • Transposable elements – a powerful force driving evolution.
  • "Genetic mechanisms of pattern formation on the surface of plant and animals’.
  • Does our modern understanding of epigenetics challenge the tenets of neo-Darwinism?
  • Modelling in Biology: accurate descriptions of our pathetic thinking or pathetic descriptions of the real world?

Examples of BBS dissertation titles 2017/8

  • How has Big Data in genomics defined cancer diagnosis and treatment?
  • Can the bacterial symbiont Wolbachia eliminate Dengue Fever?
  • Why are bacterial persisters important and how far do we understand their mechanisms of formation?
  • Can we assign a function to 80% of the human genome?