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Department of Genetics


The Cambridge Epigenetics Club talks are organised by Rosana Collepardo Guevara, Ian Henderson, Iva Tchasovnikarova and Peter Rugg-Gunn, and are sponsored by biomodal.

The Cambridge Epigenetics Club has been running since 2010. Its role is to bring students, postdocs and group leaders from the Cambridge epigenetics/chromatin community together to hear the latest advances in the field and provide an opportunity to get together for informal discussions. 

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Upcoming events

The talks are held in the Biffen Lecture Theatre at the Department of Genetics.

Doors open at 5pm, with talks from 5.30pm until 7pm, followed by a networking reception with refreshments from 7pm until 8pm.


Monday 29 April 2024

Claire Rougeulle and Azim Surani

Previous events and speakers


71st Epigenetics Club Seminar, March 2024

Daniel Gerlich, (IMBA – Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Austria)

Ben Lehner (Wellcome Sanger Institute)


70th Epigenetics Club Seminar, February 2024

Daniele Fachinetti (Institut Curie, Paris)

Julie Ahringer (Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge)


69th Epigenetics Club Seminar, November 2023

Susan Gasser (ISREC Foundation, Lausanne)

Michael Imbeault (Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge)


68th Epigenetics Club Seminar, October 2023

David Bartel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston)

Eric Miska (Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge)


67th Epigenetics Club Seminar, June 2023

Juanma Vaquerizas (MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences)

Philipp Voigt (The Babraham Institute)


66th Epigenetics Club Seminar, May 2023

L. Stirling Churchman (Harvard Medical School)

Haruhiko Koseki (RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences)


65th Epigenetics Club Seminar, March 2023

James Turner (Francis Crick Institute)

Didier Trono (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)


64th Epigenetics Club Seminar, February 2023

Jerome Dejardin (Institute of Human Genetics, Montpellier)

Anja Groth (University of Copenhagen)


63rd Epigenetics Club Seminar, November 2022

Kikuë Tachibana (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry)

Geeta Narlikar (University of California, San Francisco)


62nd Epigenetics Club Seminar, November 2022

Felipe Karam Teixeira (Department of Genetics)

Iva Tchasovnikarova (The Gurdon Institute)


61st Epigenetics Club Seminar, May 2022

Rosana Collepardo Guevara (University of Cambridge)

Maria Christophorou (Babraham Institute)


60th Epigenetics Club Seminar, March 2022

Kristian Helin (Institute of Cancer Research)

Lars Jansen (University of Oxford)


59th Epigenetics Club Seminar (online), January 2022

Srinjan Basu (University of Cambridge)

Eileen Furlong (EMBL)


58th Epigenetics Club Seminar, December 2021

Petra Hajkova (MRC LMS)

Yang Shi (University of Oxford)


57th Epigenetics Club Seminar, November 2021

Paul Lehner (University of Cambridge)

Ian Henderson (University of Cambridge)


56th Epigenetics Club Seminar (online), May 2021

Ryan Lister (University of Western Australia)


55th Epigenetics Club Seminar (online), April 2021

Kathrin Plath (University of California, Los Angeles).


54th Epigenetics Club Seminar (online), March 2021

Bradley Bernstein (Harvard University).


53rd Epigenetics Club Seminar (online), February 2021

Abby Dernburg (University of California, Berkeley)


52nd Epigenetics Club Seminar (online), December 2020

Clodagh O'Shea (Salk Institute for Biological Sciences).


51st Epigenetics Club Seminar (online), November 2020

Gerald Crabtree (Stanford University)


50th Epigenetics Club Seminar (online), June 2020

Rab Prinjha (GSK)


49th Epigenetics Club Seminar (online), May 2020

Mary Gehring (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).


48th Epigenetics Club Seminar (online), March 2020

Mikhail Spivakov (MRC LMS)


47th Epigenetics Club Seminar, February 2020

Maria Elena Torres-Padilla (Helmholtz Zentrum München)

Rob Klose (University of Oxford)


46th Epigenetics Club Seminar, January 2020

Ernest Laue (University of Cambridge)

Michelle Percharde (MRC LMS)


45th Epigenetics Club Seminar, November 2019

David Baulcombe (University of Cambridge)

Gavin Kelsey (Babraham Institute)


44th Epigenetics Club seminar, October 2019

Alistair Boettiger (Stanford University)

Xiaoqi Feng (John Innes Centre)


43rd Epigenetics Club Seminar, June 2019

Karen Adelman (Harvard University)

Luciano di Croce (Centre for Genomic Regulation)


42nd Epigenetics Club Seminar, May 2019

Meri Huch (Gurdon Institute)

Wolf Reik (Babraham Institute)


41st Epigenetics Club Seminar, March 2019

Sophie Polo (University of Paria)

Edda Schulz (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics)


40th Epigenetics Club Seminar, December 2018

Samie Jaffrey (Cornell University)

Gary Karpen (University of California, Berkeley)


39th Epigenetics Club Seminar, November 2018

Paola Scaffidi (Crick Institute)

Bas van Steensel (The Netherlands Cancer Institute)


38th Epigenetics Club Seminar, October 2018

Caroline Dean (John Innes Centre)

Raphael Margueron (Institut Curie)


37th Epigenetics Club Seminar, July 2018

Anne Ferguson-Smith (University of Cambridge) and Kim Nasmyth (University of Oxford)


36th Epigenetics Club Seminar, March 2017

Peggy Goodell (Baylor College of Medicine)

Paul Lehner (University of Cambridge)


35th Epigenetics Club Seminar, November 2016

Oliver Rando (University of Massachusetts)

Francois Spitz (Institut Pasteur)


34th Epigenetics Club Seminar, October 2016

Todd MacFarlan (NIH)

Elizabeth Bayne (University of Edinburgh)


33rd Epigenetics Club Seminar, May 2016

Peter Rugg-Gunn (Babraham Institute)

Ross Waller (University of Cambridge)


32nd Epigenetics Club Seminar, February 2016

Ian Henderson (University of Cambridge)

Petra Hajkova (Imperial College)


31st Epigenetics Club Seminar, January 2016

Antoine Peters (University of Basel)

Skirmantas Kriacionis (University of Oxford)


30th Epigenetics Club Seminar, November 2015

Ryan Lister (The University of Western Australia)

Doug Higgs (University of Oxford)


29th Epigenetics Club Seminar, November 2015

Steven Henikoff (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

Craig Pikaard (Indiana University)


28th Epigenetics Club Seminar, June 2015

John Rinn (Harvard University)

Sarah Teichmann (Sanger Institute)


27th Epigenetics Club Seminar, January 2015

Sarah Elderkin (Babraham Institute)

Daniel Zilberman (John Innes Centre)


26th Epigenetics Club Seminar, November 2014

Déborah Bourc'his (Institut Curie)

Ueli Grossniklaus (University of Zurich)


25th Epigenetics Club Seminar, October 2014

Greg Hannon (Cancer Research UK)

Michaela Frye (University of Cambridge)


24th Epigenetics Club Seminar, April 2014

Didier Trono (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Ben Lehner (Centre for Genomic Regulation)


23rd Epigenetics Club Seminar, March 2014

Maria Elena Torres Padilla (Helmholtz Zentrum München)

Robert Schneider (Helmholtz Zentrum München)


22nd Epigenetics Club Seminar, January 2014

Vincent Colot (ENS)

Eamonn Maher (University of Cambridge)


21st Epigenetics Club Seminar, December 2013

Dirk Schubeler (FMI)

Amos Tanay (Weizmann Institute of Science)


20th Epigenetics Club Seminar

Jacob Hanna (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Julie Ahringer (Gurdon Institute)


19th Epigenetics Club Seminar, May 2013

Philip Wigge (University of Cambridge)

Suzana Hadjur (UCL)


18th Epigenetic Club Seminar, March 2013

Rob Klose (University of Oxford)

Jon Houseley (Babraham Institute)


17th Epigenetic Club Seminar, February 2013

Eric Meyer (ENS)

Ewan Birney (EBI)


16th Epigenetic Club Seminar, December 2012

Amanda Fisher (MRC CSC)

Jonathan Mill (University of Exeter)


15th Epigenetic Club Seminar, October 2012

Eric Miska (Gurdon Institute)

Anton Wutz (ETH Zurich)


14th Epigenetic Club Seminar, July 2012

Wendy Bickmore (MRC Human Genetics Unit)

Asifa Akhtar (Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics)


13th Epigenetics Club Seminar, June 2012

Richard Carthew (Northwestern University)

Olivier Voinnet (ETH Zurich)


12th Epigenetics Club Seminar, March 2012

Azim Surani (Gurdon Institute)

David Baulcombe (University of Cambridge)


11th Epigenetics Club Seminar, February 2012

Robin Allshire (Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology)

Jerzy Paszkowski (University of Geneva)


10th Epigenetics Club Seminar, January 2012

Edith Heard (Institute Curie)

Bas van Steensel (The Netherlands Cancer Institute)


9th Epigenetics Club Seminar, October 2011

Gavin Kelsey (Babraham Institute)

Fred Berger (National University of Singapore)


8th Epigenetics Club Seminar, July 2011

Jeannie Lee (Massachusetts General Hospital)

Thomas Jenuwein (Max Plank Institute of Immunology and Epigenetics)


7th Epigenetics Club Seminar, May 2011

Rob Martienssen (Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory)

Tony Kouzarides (Gurdon Institute)


6th Epigenetics Club Seminar, April 2011

William Kelly (Emory University)

Alexei Aravin (California Institute of Technology)


5th Epigenetics Club Seminar, January 2011

Duncan Odom (Cancer Research UK)

Jeffrey Chen (University of Texas, Austin)


4th Epigenetics Club Seminar, November 2010

David Allis (Rockefeller University)

Barbara Meyer (University California, Berkeley)


3rd Epigenetics Club Seminar, October 2010

Anne Ferguson-Smith (University of Cambridge)

Peter Fraser (Babraham Institute)


2nd Epigenetics Club Seminar, July 2010

Julian Sale (MRC LMB)

Wolf Reik (Babraham Institute)


1st Epigenetics Club Seminar, May 2010

Caroline Dean (John Innes Institute)

Adrian Bird (University of Edinburgh)