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Department of Genetics

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We believe that as far as possible the teaching of genetics should be integrated with, and stimulated by, research in the subject - firstly because of the educational benefits; and secondly, because we feel this is the best way to interest and enthuse students, and to train and motivate good students for research.

We teach genetics in several first year (Part IA) and second year (Part IB)  courses within the Natural Sciences Tripos, in the Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos, and to a class of approximately 30 third year (Part II) students wishing to specialise in Genetics. We also contribute to an interdepartmental fourth year course, Part III Systems Biology.

Biology teaching in Cambridge is organised across departmental boundaries for the first two years: So if you are, for example, a science student with an interest in genetics, you might take Biology of Cells and/or Evolution and Behaviour in the first year, followed by Cell and Developmental Biology and/or Ecology, or perhaps Biochemistry or Pathology, in the second year, before specialising in Genetics in the third year. The Cambridge degree system allows a considerable amount of flexibility, and there is a wide choice of possible courses in your first and second years - not just those outlined above. As a result, we have students studying Genetics in their final year with a range of academic backgrounds.

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