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Department of Genetics


This information is intended for those supervising courses to which the Department of Genetics contributes.

At Part I the Department of Genetics contributes to several interdepartmental courses, as detailed elsewhere in this section. Supervisions for these courses are largely organised at college level. If you are interested in supervising on these Part I courses you should contact college DoS directly to express your interest. It may also be worth contacting the relevant course organiser and course administrator for their advice. An exception to these general supervision arrangements is NST IB Mathematical & Computation Biology, where supervisions arrangement are coordinated from within the course by Dr Bill Broadhurst (Biochemistry).

For Part II Genetics course material, most supervisions are provided by the lecturers themselves. However, we occasionally need to recruit additional supervisors. Prospective supervisors should contact the Part II Course Organiser, Dr Christine Farr (or the Course Administrator:

Part II Genetics research project supervision is organised within the department. The Course Organiser and Administrator will provide guidance via email and through the Part II Genetics Moodle site.

For Part III Systems Biology, most supervisions are provided by academics teaching on the course. Any enquiries should be directed to the Part III Course Organiser, Prof Gos Micklem (or the Course Administrator:

We expect prospective supervisors to have undergone undergraduate supervisor training (see below), as well as having the relevant academic background.


General information for undergraduate supervisors:

Faculty of Biology overview of the college supervision system:

Guidance for supervisors from Senior Tutors website:

Training for undergraduate supervisors from the Cambridge Centre for Teaching & Learning:

Criteria used in marking Tripos Essays (Part I and Part II):

If you have any queries about supervising material delivered by the Department of Genetics please contact