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Department of Genetics

 Linda  Bath
Glassware washing & cleaning services : Fly Facility
Tea lady [morning]
Technician : Glover Group
Bioinformatics Training Developer
Computer Officer
Manager : Fly Facility
Lab Manager : Ma Group
Research technician : Fly Facility
Cleaner : Genetics Field Station
Senior Research Laboratory Technician
Senior Research Technician : Fly Facility
Glassware Washer
System Administrator : Bioinformatics Teaching Facility
Research/Practical Class Technician
Maintenance Technician
Senior media technician : Fly Facility
Microinjection Technician : Fly Facility
Floor Manager : Ground Floor and Basement
Media technician : Fly Facility
Principal Assistant
Facilities Manager
Departmental Fire Officer
Fly Laboratory Technician
Microinjection Technician : Fly Facility
Glassware washing & cleaning services
Tea lady [afternoon]