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Key personnel in the Dept

On this page you will find a list of the members of staff you are most likely to need to contact. If you need a specific person, please see the 'People' listing

If you do not get an answer on the extension listed below, or cannot find the person you need in the list, you can route your call through Reception - 01223 333999


Head of Department Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith 33998
Department Administrator Meg Staff 33987
Secretary to Head of Department Charlotte Groocock 33926
Secretary to Department Administrator Caroline Newnham /  Nicola Burgess

33980   [+ unknown]

Teaching Administration Roz McKenzie 64979
Accounts / Purchasing Deborah Ford 33989
Computer Officer Ian Clark 66930
Postmaster Ian Clark 66930
General Enquiries / Reception Sandra Taylor 33999
Enquiries re advertised jobs Nicola Burgess 33980
Enquiries re Graduate Degrees Nicola Burgess 33980
Enquiries re Undergrad Degrees [See University of Cambridge website]  
Website content Christine Alexander 33973
Acting Principal Assistant Sara Singlehurst 66729
Senior Technical Officer - Fly Labs Simon Collier 65124
Basement / Ground Floor Lab Manager Marion Martin 64213
First Floor Laboratory Manager Andy Jessop 33957
Second Floor Lab Manager [none]
SAFETY &c    
First Aider Andy Jessop 33957
First Aider Martyna Popis 33377
Safety Officer Sara Singlehurst 66729
Biological Safety Officer Simon Collier 65124
Radiation Protection Supervisor Andy Jessop 33957
Fire Officer Sara Singlehurst 66729
Deputy Fire Officer [unknown]
Library Christine Alexander 33973
Tearoom   33984
Field Station 41838
Equality & Diversity Officer [unknown]
Disability Officer [unknown]


General phone rules :

To contact someone by phone from outside the University of Cambridge, add 01223 3***** to the number given below [for all numbers beginning with 3] or 01223 7***** [for all numbers beginning with 6 or 4]

General e-mail rules for the Department :

To contact any member of the Department by e-mail, please use the formula [ie first initial only.surname] If this bounces back, please use first name.surname []

Updated on 15 Mar 2018