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Department of Genetics

Dixy 590

The Part II Genetics Course Booklet for IB students for 2022/23 is available to download and view below. It provides detailed information about the course structure, qualifications for admission, and how to apply.


Why choose Genetics for Part II?

When asked what were the most important aspects of the course for them personally, Part II Genetics students tend to cite:

  • The broad coverage of the course, which equips Genetics graduates with the necessary skills to continue either in the same subject area, or in other scientific disciplines
  • The small size of the Department and its friendly nature, which means that the 20-30 Part II students, besides getting to know each other very well, also interact closely with lecturers and other staff members involved in the course, forming useful contacts and picking up helpful information in tea breaks


2020/21 Part II Genetics students celebrating the end of their year with Pizza and Bubbles



Students can take Genetics at Part II in different ways:

Single subject in Part II NST.

In which case you will study all four modules, and take part in the problem solving/ data handling and journal sessions. You will also undertake a research project [wet and/or dry] and a literature review based on it.

Here are some recent examples of projects offered.

Four paper subject in Part II BBS [BBS code 414]

If you take Genetics as your Major subject for Part II BBS, you will take the four Genetics modules, together with another paper [your Minor subject] and a dissertation. In addition to your four Genetics modules you will also be expected to attend the 'Social Aspects of Genetics' discussions, and the journal and problem solving / data handling sessions. For your Minor subject you can choose one of ~12 other options currently available. Students choosing this route will have Genetics as their 'home' department, and have access to exactly the same facilities as single subject NST students.
For more information about BBS options see

Here are some recent examples of dissertations offered.

One Genetics module taken as a Part II BBS Minor subject

The Human Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology module [BBS code 120] and  the Evolutionary Genetics and Adaptation module [BBS code 121] are offered as Minor subjects to Part II BBS students who are not taking Major subject Genetics. In addition to the lectures, you will be expected to attend relevant journal and problem solving / data handling sessions. For more information about BBS options see

It is also possible to take a stand-alone Part II BBS module in Bioinformatics as a minor subject [code 128]. 



The procedure and timetable for applying for your chosen Part II Course[s] is described on


Interested in Vacation Research Opportunities?

Check out our Vacation Research opportunities page for further information, including what funding options are available.


If you have a questions that are answered by the Part II Genetics Brochure, please email Amy Bains, Undergraduate Teaching Administrator.