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Recent titles of Research Projects offered


The Department offers the choice of ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ projects, which are undertaken in the Lent Term.

Examples of project titles offered 2017/8

  • Characterising the function of specialised ribosomes during germline stem cell self-renewal and differentiation
  • Comparison of CRISPR-Cas9-mediated gene-tagging protocols
  • Evolutionary variation of the fine-scale recombination map in cichlid fish
  • The species concept and genomic differences between orangutans
  • Hemizygote disadvantage in Arabidopsis
  • Identifying cancer vulnerabilities
  • Synthetic approach to dissecting Ras inhibition by a novel class of Ras-interacting proteins
  • Phenotypic and molecular analysis of mice carrying mutations in genes regulating epigenetic machinery during development
  • Integrating biological information in C.elegans to understand the causes of phenotypic variation
  • Evolution of endogemous small RNAs across arthropods
  • Mechanochemical signalling in aggregates of embryonic stem cells
  • Engineering a synthetic light controlled gene expression system for plants
  • RNA modifications as regulators of protein synthesis during cell stress
  • Isolation & characterisation of mitochondrial mutants using targeted restriction enzymes in Drosophila

Examples of project titles offered 2016/7

  • Using sequence data to understand influenza evolution
  • Identification of protein localisation signals in yeast
  • Epigenetic regulation of imprinted genes
  • Translational control of stem cell differentiation
  • Genetically supervised self-organisation in aggregates of embryonic stem cells
  • The role of FGF in zebrafish posterior body elongation
  • How much do small RNAs in mammalian sperm contribute to preimplantation development?
  • Genome reduction and pathogenicity in bacteria
  • Indole signalling and persistence
  • The coding potential of imprinted priRNAs
  • The immune response to the parasitoid wasp Leptopilina boulardi in resistant and susceptible Drosophila lines
  • Consequences of transposon activity on gene transcription in the tomato plant
  • The role of endoplasmic reticulum in cell physiology
  • Characterisation of ZFP expression in the brain
  • Germ line consequences of genotoxic stress caused by mutation of C. elegans heterochromatin & RNAi factors
  • Testing odour discrimination in Drosophila larvae
  • RNAi screen for kinases required for oocyte polarity