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Recent titles of Research Projects offered


The Department offers the choice of ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ projects, which are undertaken in the Lent Term.

Examples of project titles offered 2016

  • Deterministic and stochastic models for inferring fitness effects in viral populations
  • A connectomics approach to study the role of novel neurons in sensory discrimination
  • Dissecting the C-terminal region of Topoisomerase IIα
  • Determining the function of long non-coding NAs using Cas9/CRISPR genome editing
  • Heat responsive transposon and its possible role in acclimation to heat stress
  • Genomics of Drosophila Sox100B transcription factor
  • Visualising single neurons that monitor activity in mushroom bosies (memory centre) of larval Drosophila – a Brainbow approach
  • The role of Par-1 in polarising the cortex
  • Genome reduction and pathogenicity in bacteria
  • Indole signalling and antibiotic resistance
  • Manipulating mother-daughter controls for asymmetric expression and age-sensitive protein mobility
  • Identifying genes associated with novel mutant phenotypes in Drosophila
  • Comparing recombination maps in Pan genome sequence data
  • Characterisation of cellular immune response in resistant and susceptible Drosophila lines to the parasitoid wasp Leptopilina boulardi
  • Drosophila in vivo proteomics
  • Using micro-injection to down-regulate genes involving retro-element suppression in maize endosperm
  • Genetic variation in the susceptibility of Drosophila to DAV
  • Viewing the axonal ER network in live Drosophila that are mutant for hereditary spastic paraplegia genes
  • Optogenetic activation of modulatory neurons to test behavioural odour discrimination in Drosophila larvae
  • Analysis of cell behaviour and gene expression during ES cell differentiation
  • In vivo characterisation of Drosophila LYST homologue
  • Characterisation of Tem1 phosphorylation in the control of mitotic exit network and the spindle orientation checkpoint in yeast
  • Molecular evolution of rotavirus

Examples of project titles offered 2015

  • Investigating islands of divergence in the primate genome data using population genetics statistics
  • An RNAi screen for kinases that activate myosin II at the oocyte posterior
  • E-N Cadherin and the transition between self-renewal and differentiation in embryonic stem cells
  • Analysis of ectopic localisation of the mitotic protein Endos
  • Epigenetic control of the imprint memory in mammals
  • Study of the expression and function of Notch during early differentiation
  • Host adaptation of the non-structural influenza protein NS1
  • Using patterns of phylogenetic loss to predict functionally related genes and binding partners
  • Glaucoma in leonberger dogs
  • Tracking down function of the motor disease protein spatacsin by genetic interactions
  • Is there cellular mechano-sensing in yeast?  
  • Single cell analysis of neurons that provide non-olfactory sensory input into mushroom bodies of larval Drosophila
  • Expression of proteins at the Kt-MT interface
  • Analysis of gene structure and gene expression profiles using Drosophila embryogenesis
  • Indole signalling  and oxidative stress in E.coli

Examples of project titles offered 2014

  • The role of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Alzheimer's disease
  • Testing neurons for odour discrimination in larval Drosophila
  • Comparative analysis of phenotypes
  • What determines the evolutionary rates of pathogenic bacteria?
  • Sox100B target genes
  • A teaching resource for transcriptional regulation and transcription factor combinatorics
  • Tracking in vivo mobility of polarity determinants during the cell cycle
  • Indole Pulse Signalling and Stress Responses in E. coli
  • Screen for new chromatin regulators that function with heterochromatin proteins
  • Development of database mining approaches to identify new members of biological pathways
  • Maintaining ‘epigenetic’ memory - Characterisation of ZFP57 mutant mice
  • Use of photoconvertible fluorescent proteins to untangle the growth cascade of S. pombe
  • In silico characterization of mitochondrial proteins and RNAs in Drosophila
  • Mouse digestive tract development - Lineage tracing using Troy-GFP-ires-CreERT2 mouse line