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Recent titles of Research Projects offered


The Department offers the choice of ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ projects, which are undertaken in the Lent Term.

Examples of project titles offered 2018/19

  • Integrating ancient African Y-chromosome lineages into present-day phylogenies.
  • Topoisomerase II depletion by the auxin-inducible degron system in human cells.
  • Mammalian epigenetic control: chromosome architecture and topology in vivo – new insights from genomic imprinting.
  • Dissecting Ras inhibition by a novel class of Ras-interacting proteins - a synthetic approach.
  • CRISPR-mediated deletion of transposable elements.
  • How does an innate immune system recognize a pathogen that is very similar to the host?
  • Mechanisms regulating genomic stability during germline development.
  • Examine the role of polymerase gamma(tam) in mitochondrial DNA replication and elimination.
  • Functional circuitry of odour discrimination in Drosophila larvae.
  • Comparative analysis of cancer gene expression data.
  • Genetic basis of bullseye pattern formation in Hibiscus flowers.
  • Screening for genes that regulate axonal endoplasmic reticulum structure.
  • Analysing single cell learning and behaviour with machine learning approaches.
  • Drosophila nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.
  • Exploring population turnover using evolutionary genetic simulation.
  • Systems-level quantitative analyses of spindle pole asymmetric fate.
  • The role of centrosome anchoring and release in Drosophila dorsal-ventral axis formation.
  • A New Approach to the Treatment of UTIs.
  • Why does life history predict genomic diversity?



Examples of project titles offered 2017/18

  • Characterising the function of specialised ribosomes during germline stem cell self-renewal and differentiation.
  • Comparison of CRISPR-Cas9-mediated gene-tagging protocols.
  • Evolutionary variation of the fine-scale recombination map in cichlid fish.
  • The species concept and genomic differences between orangutans.
  • Hemizygote disadvantage in Arabidopsis.
  • Identifying cancer vulnerabilities.
  • Phenotypic and molecular analysis of mice carrying mutations in genes regulating epigenetic machinery during development.
  • Integrating biological information in C.elegans to understand the causes of phenotypic variation.
  • Evolution of endogenous small RNAs across arthropods.
  • Mechanochemical signalling in aggregates of embryonic stem cells.
  • Engineering a synthetic light controlled gene expression system for plants.
  • RNA modifications as regulators of protein synthesis during cell stress.
  • Isolation & characterisation of mitochondrial mutants using targeted restriction enzymes in Drosophila.