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Department of Genetics

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This information primarily relates to school students, and those studying at universities other than Cambridge. Please see the vacation research opportunities page if you are an undergraduate student looking for lab experience. 

Information for school students

Unfortunately the Genetics Department is generally unable to arrange work experience placements for Year 10 or Year 11 students, or for those at Sixth Form College, due to the difficulty of finding staff with sufficient time to supervise them. Connexions should be able to offer advice on which labs or departments in Cambridge are able to take students. Individual Group Leaders may choose to offer work placements, and should be contacted directly.

Information about the University's policy regarding work experience can be found at:

Undergraduate research experience

There are a number of grant-funded places available for undergraduate students - see the Vacation research opportunities page.

Other visiting students

Research Groups in the Department may consider applications from visiting students for a few months of research lab experience. Such students remain registered at their home institution, not at the University of Cambridge, and may have to fund their own stay, e.g. through Erasmus grants. Students from outside the European Union may also need to obtain a UK visa. The University's International Strategy Office has information on exchange programmes and international agreements. The University's  International Students' Portal has useful information regarding applications from overseas
These student placements should be arranged directly with the Research Group Leader, via direct e-mail. See our list of groups for contact details. Please do not send a general application to the Department, as we cannot choose labs for you.

University of Cambridge policy

Information about the University's policy regarding work experience can be found at: