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Main fileserver

A supermicro box with 36 drive bays (12 disk backpane + 24 disk backpane) plus a 45 bay (24 disk backpane + 21 disk backpane) jbod. LSI2008 based HBAs

4 internal 2.5" bays holding OS HDD, cache SSD and log SSD

Depends upon netsvc2, ash (vm) & birch (vm)

Updating: test with blue first
change nsswitch.conf to not reference providers outside the base system
change pam.d/* to not reference modules outside the base system
freebsd-update fetch
freebsd-update install
freebsd-update install (if prompted last time)
portsnap fetch
portsnap update
pkg lock samba4
pkg lock bacula-client (server is v5)
pkg upgrade
(if samba needs updating unlock and rebuild)
check that user ids map still

Old info

A Transtec 16-disk monster with lots of memory and disks. Provides file storage for the whole department using FreeBSD 9, ZFS and Samba.

Now has an additional 45 disk slots.

3ware controller JBOD mode, e.g. for item 9:

# tw_cli
//larch> /c0 set exportjbod=on
//larch> /c0 add type=jbod disk=9
//larch> /c0/u9 set writecache=off

Now retired and reused in a backup box.


61 slots. 3 (of 7) RAID-Z2 in groups of 8. 1 log SSD, 1 cache SSD. 1 spare. 2 O/S (mirror)