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Projectors, speakers and video conferencing

Presentation Equipment

Ashburner Room - G1


Plasma display
Mini-PC with webcam plus wireless keyboard/mouse
Wired/bluetooth PA

Part 2 Room - G6


Fixed projector (????x????) ???? lumens ????:1
Stereo PA
Electric projection screen

Tea Room - G8


Fixed medium-resolution projector (1024x768) 1000 lumens 170:1
Roll-down projection screen

First Floor - 102


Widescreen LCD display
Stereo PA

Please note this room is used as a kitchen by the adjoining office, there may be interruptions.

Bateson Room - 206


Fixed medium-resolution projector (1024x768) 3500 lumens 1000:1
Widescreen LCD display
Stereo PA

Portable Equipment to borrow

1 basic portable VGA projector.

Reception Screen

The reception screen can be edited by the front office staff. It can display the following information:

  • Seminar series name
  • Seminar title
  • Presenter's name
  • Presenter's Institution or research group
  • A starting date & time
  • An ending date & time
  • A map to the room (one of: Bateson, Biffen, Bioinformatics, Library, Tea room or Part2 room)
  • A logo, which will be scaled to 450x390 pixels

In the future I hope to add the ability to present 1920x1080 slides provided as JPG or PNG files.

Upcoming events

Internal Seminar Series - Megan Oliva

Apr 21, 2020

Genetics Part II Room

Upcoming events

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Cambridge University enters 'red' phase in response to COVID-19 outbreak

Mar 24, 2020

All University Staff, except those needed for business-critical activity, are now working remotely. Please contact us by email until further notice.

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