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Department of Genetics



Research Interests

Research in our lab focuses on the three-dimensional organisation of the eukaryotic genome. We are taking an integrated approach to analyse its structure, individual variability and dynamics. Our analysis is aimed at revealing common rules linking changes in genome organisation to the regulation of gene expression.

We are investigating various aspects of genome architecture using detailed computational models of the nucleus, quantitative fluorescent live cell microscopy, chromatin conformation capture (3C, Hi-C), functional genomics and proteomics.

The questions we are addressing are how does genome structure change over time and in response to external conditions, which are the molecular and biophysical mechanisms responsible for these changes, and which are the biological consequences. We maintain an interest in spatial aspects of signalling in the bacterial chemotaxis system.

Research Group Links

Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery

Affiliated Lecturer
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The Babraham Institute
Nuclear Dynamics (B570)
Babraham Research Campus
CB22 3AT
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+44 (0)1223 496508