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IB Cell and Developmental Biology : Genetics teaching components

The following segments of the course are taught by members of the Department of Genetics:

Professor Erik Miska : Molecular Biology of the Cell Nucleus II [3 lectures, MT]

Lecture 7 - Introduction to gene expression and the transcriptional machinery
Lecture 8 - Regulation of transcription in eukaryotes
Lecture 9 - Epigenetics and non-coding RNA


Dr David Summers: Genetic Systems of Prokaryotes [3 lectures, MT]

Lecture 1 - Life without a nucleus : The Prokaryote Cell Cycle ; The Prokaryote Nucleoid and its Structure ; Lack of a Nuclear Membrane has Consequences for Gene Regulation
Lecture 2 -  Prokaryote genomes : The Prokaryotic Chromosome ; Bacterial Plasmids ; Plasmid structure ; Plasmid-encoded phenotypes ; Plasmid Maintenance ; Active Partition of Low Copy Number Plasmids ; Site-Specific Recombination Assists Partitioning Maintenance of Multicopy Plasmids ; Multimer Resolution Systems
Lecture 3 - The genetic flexibility of prokaryotes : Gene Transfer by Conjugation ; Mobile Elements ; Insertion Sequences (IS) ; The Tn3 Transposon Family


Professor Alfonso Martinez Arias : Gene Expression and Cell Decisions [3 lectures, MT]

Lecture 1 - The lac Operon: essential features of a genetic regulatory circuit for an inductive system
Lecture 2 - Lambda: a genetic switch, the circuitry of a decision and the programme it regulates
Lecture 3 - Gene expression in eukaryotes: s. cerevisiae Gal4 as a guide for universal principles of transcriptional regulation


Dr Cahir O’Kane : Genome Organisation and Genomics [5 lectures, MT]

Lecture 1 - Genome content and how to sequence it
Lecture 2 -  Genome sequence variation and what we can learn from it
Lecture 3 - Copy number variants and how they evolve
Lecture 4 - Mobile DNA – biology and evolution
Lecture 5 - Genome engineering and its uses in cell and developmental biology


Dr Marisa Segal : Eukaryotic Cytoskeleton & Mitotic Cell Division [4 lectures, LT]

Lecture 1 – The cytoskeleton as a dynamic system
Lecture 2 – Cellular organisation of the actin cytoskeleton
Lecture 3 – Microtubule organisation in cells
Lecture 4 – Mitosis and cell division


Dr Cahir O’Kane : Cell and Organelle regulation [2 lectures, LT]

Lecture 1 – degradative organelles: autophagosomes and lysosomes
Lecture 2 – mitochondria and the endoplasmic reticulum



Professor Alfonso Martinez Arias ; Dr Marisa Segal ; Dr Cahir O'Kane


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