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Department of Genetics


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Dr Ben Hall +44 (0)1223 763240 Affiliated Lecturer, Royal Society University Research Fellow, Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, UCL
Dr Russell Hamilton Senior Research Associate : Ferguson-Smith Group
Shixun Han Visiting Student : Ahringer Group
Dr Geula Hanin Lichtman Senior Research Associate: Ferguson-Smith Group
Xiaoli He Senior Research Laboratory Technician : St Johnston Group
Cathy Hemmings Administrator: Bioinformatics Training Facility
Sandy Hickson Postgraduate Student : Jiggins Group
Matthew Hill Postgraduate Student : Ahringer Group
Dr Victoria Hodgson Teaching Associate : Bioinformatics Training Facility
Dr Charlotte Houldcroft Assistant Professor
Chi-Yun Hsing Postgraduate Student : Jiggins Group
Zelu Huang Postgraduate Student : Ferguson-Smith Group
Angkana Huang Postdoctoral Research Associate - Salje Group
Harry Hurer-Mackay IT Technician
Seongwon Hwang Postgraduate Student : Scally Group