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Department of Genetics


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Dr Felipe Karam Teixeira +44 (0)1223 333957 Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Arman Karshenas-Najafabadi Postgraduate Student : Durbin Group
Ellis Kelly Postgraduate Student : Summers Group
Emily Kempin Departmental Safety Technician and Safety Officer
Noah Kessler Research Assistant : Ferguson-Smith Group, Graduate student : Ferguson-Smith Group [Lent 2019>]
Anna Klucnika Graduate student : Ma Group
Dr Young Sang Koh Visiting Researcher : Jiggins Group
M.Sc. Robin Kohze PhD Student, ____________
Robin Kohze Postgraduate Student : Ferguson-Smith Group
Joanna Kosalka Graduate student : Miska Group
Dr. Stefan A. Köstler Visiting scientist in Russell Group, Postdoc in White lab / PDN