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Family Care 

The University provides staff with a variety of family care leave depending on your needs and links to these have been provided to the right. 

Should you need to take any type of leave, other than annual leave, please contact your HR Coordinator in the first instance.

Flexible working

We are happy to support flexible working arrangements wherever possible, in keeping with the University’s Flexible Working Policy. This includes flexibility to working times, starting earlier or later in the day, and working from home for part of the week where this can be accommodated in your role. Staff wanting to work flexibly in this way should agree to a fixed pattern with their line manager. For contractual changes such as reducing hours or condensing work days, the department HR team must be consulted.

Please note, we feel it is important for our department culture that all staff spend part of their working week in the office. Working from home full-time is discouraged and should not be used to cover long term childcare arrangements.

Child-friendly areas

Supervised children are welcome into the tea room and office spaces (unfortunately not lab spaces due to health and safety).