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Images from Jingyan Fu

The image displayed on our home page demonstrates how centrioles fail to be converted into mature mothers when scaffolding protein Ana1 is missing from Drosophila testes. Left, Oregon-R; Right, Ana1 mutant.

The paper in which this research was discussed is:

Fu et al (2016) Conserved molecular interactions in centriole-to-centrosome conversion. Nature Cell Biology 18: 87-99

The findings were recently discussed in Strzyz (2016) : Centriole maturation to motherhood. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 17 : 4


The image below shows the newborn centriole converted into duplication-competent mother through a cascade of protein interactions, controlled both in time and space.

Fu newborn centriole 475


 The research was undertaken in the Glover Lab

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