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Science Festival 2016 : Events in the Department

Above: The team in the Department of Genetics

For the Cambridge Science Festival 2016, the Department of Genetics opened its doors, and organised several activities on the theme of ‘Genes and Heredity’ for children and adults. 

Visitors could create a DNA helix made of gummy bears or origami paper.

Science Festival 2016 young dna-ers 480

Image above : Visitors proudly display their impressive gummy bear DNA

Also people could observe fruit flies with genetic variations and at different developmental stages, or perform climbing assays.

Science festival 2016 screen

Image above: Visitors looking at fruit flies at various stages of development

Climbing assays 480

Image above: Visitors perform climbing assays with young & old fruit flies

Several posters explained some of the research undertaken in the Department.

FlyBase team 480

Image above : The FlyBase team with their poster

In addition, twelve outstanding scientific pictures from the researchers in the department were exhibited for the first Genetics Photo Contest, and visitors' votes contributed to the final results.

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Photos : Alix Rey