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Henrik is a Professor in the department of genetics where he heads the Pathogen Dynamics Group. He also holds adjunct positions at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of Florida. Before coming to Cambridge, Henrik worked at Institut Pasteur in Paris. Prior to starting his research career, Henrik worked in investment banking in London. He has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Oxford University, a biostatistics degree from Johns Hopkins and a PhD in epidemiology also from Johns Hopkins.

Research Interest

Henrik works on the spread of infectious diseases. He uses mathematical, computational and field research to help our understanding of how pathogens spread in populations, to assess control efforts and support policy making. This includes working with a diverse range of datasets including epidemiological, genomic, serological and behavioural data. He works closely with an established network of collaborators across laboratories, field-based epidemiologists, hospitals and public health agencies. Much of his work is in resource poor settings, especially in Asia. He has a particular interest in the dynamics of arboviruses such as dengue, Zika and chikungunya viruses.

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Pathogen Dynamics Group


Key publications: 


Henrik Salje, Maria Theresa Alera, Mary Noreen Chua, Taweewun Hunsawong, Damon Ellison, Anon Srikiatkhachorn, Richard G Jarman, Gregory D Gromowski, Isabel Rodriguez-Barraquer, Simon Cauchemez, Derek AT Cummings, Louis Macareo, In-Kyu Yoon, Stefan Fernandez, Alan L Rothman, “Evaluation of the extended efficacy of the Dengvaxia vaccine against symptomatic and subclinical dengue infection”, Nature Medicine (2021)

Megan O’Driscoll, Gabriel Ribeiro Dos Santos, Lin Wang, Derek A.T. Cummings, Andrew S. Azman, Juliette Paireau, Arnaud Fontanet, Simon Cauchemez, and Henrik Salje, “Age-specific mortality and immunity patterns of SARS-CoV-2 infection in 45 countries”, Nature (2021)

Salje, H., Tran Kiem, C., Lefrancq, N., Courtejoie, N., Bosetti, P., Paireau, J., Andronico, A., Hozé, N., Richet, J., Dubost, C.-L., Le Strat, Y., Lessler, J., Levy-Bruhl, D., Fontanet, A., Opatowski, L., Boelle, P.-Y. & Cauchemez, S. “Estimating the burden of SARS-CoV-2 in France”. Science (2020).

H. Salje, K. Paul, R. Paul, I. Rodriguez-Barraquer, Z. Rahman, M. S. Alam, M. Rahman, H. M. Al-Amin, J. Heffelfinger and E. Gurley, “Nationally-representative serostudy of dengue in Bangladesh allows generalizable disease burden estimates” eLife (2019)

H. Salje, D. A. T. Cummings, I. Rodriguez-Barraquer, L. C. Katzelnick, J. Lessler, C. Klungthong, B. Thaisomboonsuk, A. Nisalak, A. Weg, D. Ellison, L. Macareo, I-K Yoon, R. Jarman, S. Thomas, A. L. Rothman, T. Endy and S.  Cauchemez,  “Reconstruction of antibody dynamics and infection histories to evaluate dengue risk,” Nature (2018)


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Dr Henrik  Salje
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Infectious disease dynamics
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