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Seminar - Julien Martinez : Genetics of symbiosis: from symbiont-induced phenotypes to symbiont pandemics

When Oct 17, 2016
from 12:00 PM to 02:00 PM
Where Genetics Part II Room
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Julien Martinez (Jiggins group) will be presenting a seminar in the Part II room on Monday 17 October at 12 noon.

The title of his talk is "Genetics of symbiosis: from symbiont-induced phenotypes to symbiont pandemics".

Abstract: Maternally-transmitted bacterial symbionts are extremely common in insects and have invented fascinating ways to spread through insects populations. Depending on the association, symbionts spread by conferring direct benefits to their host, by manipulating their host’s reproduction in ways that promote the production of infected females (the transmitting sex) or by a mixture of both strategies. I will introduce the association between the symbiont Wolbachia and its Drosophila hosts in which both strategies are present. Indeed, Wolbachia is an intracellular bacterium that can protect its hosts against viruses as well as induce reproductive manipulations. I will review some of my work on the genetics of symbiont-mediated antiviral protection and discuss the evolutionary consequences of this phenotype. I will then develop new questions about the factors governing the wide distribution and the persistence of symbionts across insects.

All welcome!