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Spotlight Seminar - Amy Li Meng : Multileveled Regulation of Pluripotency State Transition

When Oct 09, 2018
from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Where Biffen Lecture Theatre, underneath Dept of Genetics
Contact Name Charlotte Groocock
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This is the first of a new Seminar Series hosted at the Department of Genetics.  The Spotlight Seminar Series is not timetabled in a regular slot and is associated with the recruitment of individuals who are interested in making Genetics their research home - usually via an independent fellowship - or for providing a showcase for external junior scientists who are keen to visit and share their work with us. They are hosted by the Strategy Committee.

Abstract: Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) exhibit the properties of naïve pre-implantation epiblasts. Exit from the naïve state leads to progressive pluripotency phase transitions prior to lineage commitment, while resetting to the naive state is achievable from essentially any cell type by the introduction of naïve-state transcription factors. These cell-fate transitions rely on multi-layered and coordinated transcriptional and epigenetic controls. My research is focused on delineating the epigenetic and transcriptional network regulation governing pluripotency state transitions using mouse ESCs and post-implantation epiblast derived stem cells (EpiSCs) as model systems.  I will talk about three aspects of my work, which involve the molecular and cellular functional discoveries of a novel long coding RNA, which I named Ephemeron, and de novo DNA methyltransferases 3a and 3b in the pluripotency phase transition. I will also talk about a collaborative work using an iterative computational and experimental approach to elucidate the common biological network logic in naïve pluripotency induction and maintenance. Finally, I will discuss the future direction of my independent research. 

There are opportunities available to meet with Amy, if you are interested please contact mCharlotte Groocock by Friday 5th October.