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Power outage protocol

As used in 2011

EMBS are going to be working on the Botany gate substation on the 2nd of April 2011. This will entail a number of power outages for the department.

Previous day On Non essential shut down (icc20, lab IT reps)
Disable backups (icc20)
Microscope use allowed
Before 0800 On Shut down all remaining (icc20) No microscope use permitted Non-refrigeration equipment off at the wall
0800-0900 Off Start tidying R207 cabinet (icc20) No microscope use permitted Fridges not to be opened
0900-1200 On Re-start UPS backed servers (icc20)
Do any hardware work required (icc20)
Check BMS returned (who?/how?)
Check phones returned (icc20)
No microscope use permitted
1200-1215 Off Monitor UPSes (icc20) No microscope use permitted
1215-1600 On No microscope use permitted Check chillers are working.
Kick humidifier in B14a
1600-1615 Off Monitor UPSes (icc20) No microscope use permitted
After 1615 On Start up remaining servers (icc20, lab IT reps)
Reenable backups (icc20)
Check Phones again (icc20)
Check BMS again (who?)
Microscope use allowed