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Exchange On-line

The central University Information Services have negotiated a contract with Microsoft to use their Exchange on-line (EoL) system. It is possible to move accounts from Hermes onto EoL.


  • More email space.
  • Designed to work with MS Outlook.


  • Not designed to work with other email programs. Works partially with built-in email and calendaring on Android and iOS phones, does not work properly with Thunderbird, or other mail programs relying on the IMAP protocol.
  • It may subtly change contents of emails.
  • It is not simple to move back if you change your mind.
  • Genetics IT does not have experience with it and are unable to help if anything goes wrong.

I would recommend staying with Hermes or at least waiting until the new EoL service is more mature, but if you wish to go ahead entirely at your own risk here is further information.


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